Thursday, October 2, 2008


Hi friends,
I feel lucky that I got this unique opportunity of becoming a 'HOMEMAKER' after 16 years of my hectic 9 to 7 mechanised office schedule. I felt something that I am missing something in my life. Whenever I introspected myself my innervoice said that 'niether am I a perfect mother nor a perfect employee. I am just a mediocre.' So I took a decision to 'QUIT' my job, become a homemaker and take care of my family. Many working women face this type of dilemma but a decision has to be taken.
Now I feel at ease. I don't have to work for anybody except for my family. I feel more close to them now. I have time to think for myself, my beloved ones and my many homemaker friends. I can go for walks, breathe fresh air, make more friends, share their experience, learn new cooking recepies, focus on physical fitness, learn dance, do whatever I had planned to do but was not able to do them due to time constraint.
Through this forum, I would invite all my homemaker as also the working friends to share their feelings, as to how much importance they attach to this role of women being a 'HOMEMAKER'.
Please come up and share your views, feeling, experience.

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NICK said...

Nicely written>>..